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This thread will soon become "Comings and Goings", a thread targeted at talent and staff arrivals and departures. Please consider starting new threads for anything that does not fit this criteria. 
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I worked with a news anchor who battled an alcohol addiction. It's not just about someone having too much fun and getting carried away, there sometimes are much deeper issues we don't know about. My c

"...To Another Channel!"

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7 hours ago, tyrannical bastard said:

Sinclair did the damage on WLFL by balking at FOX's demands to start a newscast, and by the time they agreed to it, WRAZ had been granted FOX, and WLFL had to settle for the WB.


WRDC was already damaged goods since it was ruined by Brissette when they killed off WPTF and drove the station even further by killing off their news operation.  Adding more insult to injury, when Sinclair got both stations, they set up in Channel 28's studios and WLFL's studios became home to WNCN, who through Outlet, wrestled away NBC because of Channel 28's disasterous tenure as an NBC affiliate at the time.


At one time NBC owned WNCN.

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5 hours ago, Nelson R. said:

At one time NBC owned WNCN.

I believe at the time NBC had such a good relationship with the Outlet stations, that getting WNCN (and the other future O&Os), the sale was sealed, especially for NBC to try and make something of themselves in the Triangle.


A decade later, NBC cashes out these stations to Media General, and in 2016, WNCN (and Media General) swipe CBS from WRAL, and all of NBC's problems go away when they make their long-awaited return to WRAL.

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22 hours ago, tyrannical bastard said:

Sinclair did the damage on WLFL by balking at FOX's demands to start a newscast

Now WLFL started there newscast in 1991, you're saying when WRAZ got the FOX affiliation in 1998 the deal Gad been already sealed?

15 hours ago, Nelson R. said:

At one time NBC owned WNCN

Yes that's right and they were competitive, but when Media General got them several dozens were laid off, a bunch of newscasts were cancelled, the failed 7pm news experiment, and people rating went down. Media General drove WNCN to the ground instead of strengthening it.

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"Programming issues during the 10pm slot" was the apparent cause of FOX not renewing their agreement with WLFL.  WRAZ was probably beginning to challenge them in the ratings (being tied to the uber-dominant WRAL), and Sinclair may have hinted at either cancelling the newscast or shortening it to a half hour.


Being relegated to the "News Central" experiment was the beginning of the end, and when it was killed off, at least they were able to give WTVD a primetime option on WLFL.

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Page Fehling has now left Good Day Charlotte and the noon and 4pm newscasts will be premiering in February. https://instagram.com/stories/pagefehling/2487337140659482739?utm_source=ig_story_item_share&igshid=1iwuclsh2oi0t

Page’s farewell GDC post https://www.instagram.com/p/CKEwkw_JnBg/?igshid=1axvb9o55abep Why do they need three meteorologists combined for the two newscasts? (Tara, Amanda and Elisa)


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On 1/8/2021 at 4:09 PM, Roadrunner said:

News from Miami: Sunbeam continues to be the center of the universe with its offshoots every which way

WTVJ - NBC 6 - hires two new anchors for its morning team (first reported January 6)

Both incoming talent have notable Miami experience.


Constance Jones comes from WRIC in Richmond as its evening anchor after roughly two years there.

Before that, she spent less than a year at Atlanta's WAGA and nine years at Miami's WPLG. 

Here's hoping she can settle back in in familiar territory.


Kris Anderson comes from Sunbeam's WHDH in Boston as its morning anchor after seven years. 

The Miami native launched his career as an intern at WSVN.


The official morning team was Roxanne Vargas, Sheli Muniz (both anchors), Kristin Sanchez (traffic), and Adam Berg (weather).

Since (what I believe) the pandemic began, NBC 6 made changes that they failed to officiate, so I had skepticism that this was their permanent direction.

Here's a summary:

  • Roxanne and Sheli were moved to noon & 4PM (and will now stay there)
  • Kristin became co-anchor 
  • Johnny Archer joined Kristin as co-anchor from weekend evenings (now since solo anchored by Alina Machado or Keith Jones)
  • Kelly Blanco assumed traffic duties (in conjunction with entertainment and features reports)

The new anchors are expected to join this current morning team in February, with roles shifting around (and also making for quite a large group).

I don't think WTVJ will be able to challenge the market leaders but regardless, hopefully it will make for a stronger operation.


Kelly did traffic but must have kicked her off for entertainment and features when Kristin arrived but is now back to her original job in the morning.


And no, this will do nothing to challenge their rivals. Just like their other newscasts, WTVJ is a solid third. Still beats WFOR in the morning, but still... a solid third.


If your in Miami, your either watching Today in Florida or the Local 10 Morning News in the morning. There's no either unless you hate both. 😂

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6 minutes ago, newsbot said:

What are the odds of WJZY making any inroads in those time slots?

Not great. It has to compete with all three stations in the first half hour at noon, and with WSOC at 12:30.


At 4 it might have an outside chance to pass WCNC but not WBTV.

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On 1/11/2021 at 11:34 AM, TexasTVNews said:


I'm close to Bobeth's situation with WGCL, I wish I could speak more on the issue but knowing the fact of I KNOW Scott Jones lurks this form he'll just take what I posted and repost it for his website as if it's his own personal report.


Long story short we'll hear (See) Bobeth Yates very soon.

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They'll be a new main anchor at WSMV Channel 4. The Nashville NBC station hired CBS 17 (WNCN) main anchor Marius Payton to be the stations 5, 5, 6:30 and 10pm anchor with my friend, Tracy Kornet.


Payton replaces Tom Randles who left the station last year in September after he and 'SMV management could not agree to a new contract. No start date on when he'll debut on WSMV Channel 4 News.



And with Marius Payton leaving The North Carolina Triangle (Raleigh, Druham, Fayetteville) and CBS 17, it's too early to say on who'll succeed him at CBS 17 News at 5, 6 & 11pm but I have a hunch it'll be Russ Bowen who'll take the helm as the station's new main anchor.


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On 1/19/2021 at 5:10 PM, AaronQ said:

I saw that, but there's no update on FOX 46's side of things which it's pretty odd. 

WJZY has now confirmed that Judge Mathis and People’s Court each move up an hour February 1 which means that the newscasts will start then.



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I wonder how much longer Nexstar is planning on running WJZY under the FOX O&O branding.  Will it be like WJW where it took a good seven or eight years before they even tweaked the brand long after Fox had sold them off?


The current WJW look would look good on them.... as opposed to what happened at WXIN which got the current Nexstar FOX package.

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Some moves in the central US:


Former KCTV anchor Amy Anderson joins Entercom's KMBZ/KMBZ-FM in Kansas CIty to co-anchor morning drive.


Former WDAF-TV sports reporter/anchor Jason Lamb is now the sports director at KYTV in Springfield. He starts on air Monday.

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