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This thread will soon become "Comings and Goings", a thread targeted at talent and staff arrivals and departures. Please consider starting new threads for anything that does not fit this criteria. 
Click here for more information regarding the sunsetting of "general" threads.

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I worked with a news anchor who battled an alcohol addiction. It's not just about someone having too much fun and getting carried away, there sometimes are much deeper issues we don't know about. My c

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DCRTV reports that WJLA/NC8's Bruce DePuyt will be leaving the station effecting Jan 31st.


I honestly won't be surprised if other veteran on-air staff such as Doug Hill, Dave Lucas, Rich Reeve, Melanie Hastings, Suzanne Kennedy, etc leave or "retire" before 2017 is over.


What is that, like the third or fourth on-air talent in the last six months? The revolving door is spinning wildly...

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KVUE in Austin is flipping its female evening anchors: 5 p.m. anchor Quita Culpepper adds the 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. shows. Terri Gruca, current anchor of those 2 newscasts, will anchor at 5 p.m. only now, devoting the rest of her time to investigative reporting. The station is still -- almost a year later -- looking for a male co-anchor for evenings.



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So what did you guys think of the confirmation hearings Thursday. First a power cut blacked out the room and cameras when Russia was mentioned and then on the house floor c-span's online live feed was replaced with RT for 10 minutes.

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I'm a little torn on all this reignited Russia spat. On one hand, a lot of it seems credible and fits in well to the narrative, though intelligence that's credible and fits into a narrative yet isn't confirmed and fully vetted doesn't



As for the C-SPAN stuff, the router issue seems reasonable, though it is strange that it only affected the web stream. Then again, the Ruskis have scrambled American television signals before:



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I don't know if this was ever talked about here but thank god for LinkedIn for this information...


Victoria Hansen has left WCIV-36.2 (Channel 4) in Charleston after 10 years and 11 months. This was her second stint at the station as she first had one from 1991-1996 as weekend anchor/reporter. And for those who like to watch WKRN videos on YT, she was also there from '96-'05 before going back to WCIV in '06.


Hansen is now a Senior Proposal Writer for Scientific Research Corporation in Charleson, SC so she's still in the area.

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Another change at Raycom's Cleveland 19 CBS (WOIO). First it was Denise Dufala who stepped down after 21 years at WOIO and now Romona Robinson is

taking a small step towards retirement. Robinson, who became the first african american woman to anchor a nightly newscast in Cleveland since 1987 is

leaving the 11PM late news this month, but will continue to anchor Cleveland 19 News at 4 & 6PM.



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In my home market...


WPLG 10 will become the first station in the nation to have an international news bureau when it launches its newest news bureau from Havana, tomorrow night at 6:00pm.


Reporter Haztel Vela and Photog Brian Ely have already moved to the communist country and will be stationed at the new news bureau.


Even though it will be very expensive to have a bureau like this, the way WPLG 10 and other stations in the market have been covering Cuba recently, its not surprising that WPLG 10 is doing this.



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Kristyn Hartman moves from Dispatch-owned WBNS in Columbus to Scripps owned WCPO in Cincinnati.

Kristyn leaves to go to WCPO where Yolanda, will start in July. I think Jerry Revish will retire in May, and by summertime Jeff Hogan/ Yolanda Harris will be the face on the evening news.


Will Kristyn replace Carol Williams?

Carol is set to retire sometime this month from WCPO, and Kristyn, would start at WCPO sometime in April. Kristyn will probably anchor 5-6PM & 7PM



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Here we go again with WOAI NBC 4 in San Antonio letting go great talent. Weekday evening anchor Evy Ramos has left the building. She has been there since 2014. According to the article, it seems she was blindsided and shocked by her firing.



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Katie Moore of New Orleans WWL (CBS) is changing roles. Moore will stepping away from the anchor desk to focusing on investigative reporting 5 days a week.



Long-time anchor Anne Holt of Nashville's WKRN (ABC) announced on last night newscast she's stepping away from the anchor desk after 36 years at the end

of this month. Holt has been at WKRN for 40 years when she joined in 1976 and became primary anchor in 1980. Holt and her co-anchor Bob Mueller had become

the longest running anchor team in the history of Tennessee Television for over 30 years since 1984.



And on a emotional note, Sports Anchor Kristen Berset of Washington DC's WUSA (CBS) is taking time off from the newscasts to battle her second fight with

breast cancer. No woman should ever have to fight this deadly disease, and let's hope there's a cure is right around the corner. TVNT is wishing KB all the best

and command her courage and strength to kick cancer's ass second time, and looking forward to seeing you on the news again soon.


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Get ready for another diginet.


Sinclair and MGM is launching an Action-related diginet called Charge!. It'll launch within Q1 of this year.


Also MeTV has a new affiliate in the Atlanta market.


Marquee Broadcasting's WGTA will be the primary affiliate of the MeTV Network, replacing Cox-owned WSB, effective March 25. But here's the issue. WGTA use to be former CBS affiliate WNEG in Toccoa, and its signal doesn't reach the immediate part of metro Atlanta. So people who don't have cable or satellite, (or have an outdoor antenna pointing to the east) won't be able to receive MeTV programming in Atlanta.


I strongly thought Cox have a group deal with MeTV, since they carry it on their other stations (WPXI, WHIO).

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