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ITV's new look: January 1st, 2019

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For the uninitiated: the gimmick here is that ITV will be featuring a new ident package every week, each designed by a different artist.  The idents above will last for this week and this week only.  Shame, because these are easily the best ITV idents since they consolidated the regional identities in 2002.  (Arguably the best since the still-awesome Carlton stars.) I loathed the last presentation package, which was essentially a barely-legible ITV logo slapped on top of random film footage.


It's going to be wildly hit or miss, which is probably the point.  Kudos to ITV for showing some balls in their presentation package for once and taking some risks.

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Gotta admit, I like this idea of a rebrand.


I look forward to visiting the UK TV Forums and seeing their reactions - I shouldn't poke too much fun because their love of idents has provoked my curiousity.

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