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KTNV Getting New Set

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KTNV, the Scripps-owned ABC affiliate in Las Vegas, is readying a new set. Construction just started after Thanksgiving. Their outgoing set was built in 2014, which leaves KVVU as the only Vegas station without an updated studio — KLAS and KSNV both updated in 2016. KVVU last updated their main set in 2011.

Some examples... Looks like even their chroma wall is out of action. Weather is done from a monitor.


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Damn, that temporary setup is better than some actual news sets in some markets. I hope they'll hold onto it when the new studio is done, could make for a good aux set.

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that "temporary" setup is their "Breaking News Center" off in the corner of the newsroom... been there about 3 years now... weather is being done in front of the hole to the studio from the newsroom... the teal and wood panels on the left were installed when "valley view live" debut so they could hide the newsroom...

interesting note: some segments from the morning blend are still being done in the studio... journal cheaped out on that building... there is only one studio... zero auxiliary space for production... no part of the building could fit that corner of the morning blend set except the studio... my money is on this being more of a refresh than a new set...


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The previous Park Place set has been in existence since Journal moved into the new building.   It has undergone several tweaks and refreshes after Scripps took ownership.

We'll find out what's new behind the panel doors soon enough.

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