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CBS News Special Report -- Saturday, February 1, 2003


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This is CBS' initial coverage of the Space Shuttle Columbia explosion from February 1, 2003. We watched a bit of this in my Intro to Journalism class Monday morning and I wanted to share this with you all. My professor used this to demonstrate how to do breaking news coverage on the fly with little to no information while remaining calm and composed. However, Dan did cry on the air while reading the poem "Bivouac of the Dead," after Bush's remarks.


I made this into an initial thread in that this proves to me why Russ Mitchell should have gotten the Evening News job after the Dan Rather fiasco in 2005.


The anchors do a good job at resetting the coverage for new audiences (i.e. stations who took The Saturday Early Show late such as WHIO, kids who were looking for Saturday morning cartoons, etc.)


Dan Rather joins coverage at the 30 min mark, replacing Gretchen Carlson.


This is CBS News at its best.

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