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New Imaging for WCBS 880

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NSM First News and Pat Garrett are gone - in its place is a new "anthem" from Man Made Music, and Deidre Goodwin for VO - the first time a woman has imaged the station.




Just after 5 a.m. Wednesday, WCBS Newsradio 880 unveiled its new score, built around a news “anthem" fashioned by a team from world-renowned music production firm Man Made Music.




Founder and composer Joel Beckerman says he jumped at the chance of working with the team at Newsradio 880. “The fact that you guys have this incredible heritage -- to me that’s always what WCBS has stood for. We really wanted to get it right. It was incredibly important for us to get it right.”


“We didn’t want the traditional, in-your-face, self-important news music,” said WCBS Assistant Program Director Alex Silverman. “We wanted a sound that was going to communicate that we are a trusted friend.”


What WCBS got was an anthem filled with energy, percussion, and the passion with which the news is delivered on New York’s iconic news radio station.


And they played it on-air almost in the clear at about 5:30 this morning - and it can be heared at the link above too.


I won't lie - I was caught off guard when I heard it coming home from work, but after a good listen, it's excellent work. It perfectly catches that modern metropolitan feel. Sort of reminds me of the BBC. Wouldn't mind hearing CBS on the TV side pick something like this up.

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SONIC BRANDING ISN'T DEAD! Nice to know they’re holding on to some kind of tradition.

#MeanwhileInOrlando, since their moniker switch to News 96.5, WDBO’s been

, and now they’re treating it like a CHR station. (Their TOTHs have the opening riff from Imagine Dragons’ “It’s Time”. Listen live if you don’t believe me.)
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Impressive...I really hope this also goes to WBBM. It's been about 20 years since that station had new imaging and since it's part of a licensed package, I get to hear the 'news radio but really it's conservative talk' stations of Midwest Communications in Wisconsin ruin it regularly (and WBBM ruins it itself with their awful 'Bears Radio' version). This is a true news package.

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