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Gray/Raycom Merger Thread

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16 hours ago, CircleSeven said:

This is probably the final follow-up regarding Albany.


Marquee is finally cutting the Tallahassee cord. The website states that starting Monday, WSWG will be airing two news broadcast at 6 & 11pm. A 10pm show will be aired on WSST. There won't be any weekend broadcasts.


From the release:


The question is how these boradcast are going to be produced? Will it be produced out in Albany, or will it be produced out of Cordele? WSST currently air a local 6-8am morning show, a noon show & a 4pm broadcast out of Cordele.


And as of tonight, Gray still have WSWG's subsite running. 


Lemme guess. “Engaging alternate programming” = infomercials. *eyeroll*

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On 3/11/2019 at 9:25 PM, Myron Falwell said:

Fun fact: George Gillette owned the Vail ski resorts at the same time he bought the Storer Broadcasting chain from KKR. It wasn't uncommon for his TV stations to run spots for Vail at the same frequency that the Raycom stations promoted Robert Trent Jones.


I also remember seeing Chiquita Banana advertisements on KTSP (then owned by Carl Lindner's Great American Broadcasting. Lindner also controlled Chiquita) more often than on other stations back in the early-'90s. When SCI became New World and Ron Perelman controlled things, Revlon commercials became more common as well (if I recall correctly).

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