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Coincidentally, Columbus and Dayton were served by ION’s predecessor PAX. This returns ION service OTA to these two markets.


WSFJ was actually the largest Pax affiliate not owned outright by the network; however they had an arrangement with WCMH, then an NBC O&O to rebroadcast the news — it was branded as NewsChannel 4 on Pax 51.


Dayton’s previous affiliate was WBDT, owned outright by the network until 1999 when Jamie Kellner bought it and the Green Bay affiliate, converting them to defacto WB O&Os. Pax stayed on the schedule via secondary affiliation, it’s most popular shows (i.e. Touched by an Angel, Diagnosis Murder, Promised Land) aired in the mornings, weekends and overnights.


You’d think Ion would sell some of the charter Pax TV affiliates... the stations that made them money in 1998 aren’t exactly the cash cows they once were.

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