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On 3/30/2021 at 11:13 PM, VHSgoodiesWA said:


KPRC's Ron Stone hosting two episodes of The Eyes of Texas, a short-lived Texas travel magazine. First from late 1987 (partial), second from 1/2/1988. w/ ads - https://archive.org/details/capture-a-114 https://archive.org/details/capture-a-121



OK - 

I have to call you on this one...

The Eyes of Texas ran for over 30 years (1969-1999, original run; repeats through the 2000s) - definitely not short lived.  Growing up in Houston in the 70s: Saturday Night at 6:30pm on Channel 2 - that was appointment TV!


While it was the original, its primary "competitor", 4 Country Reporter/8 Country Reporter/Texas Country Reporter - out of Dallas - is still going strong closing in on 50 years on the air (1972-present), still producing new episodes each year.


You don't see many shows like these two much now.

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I am going to share something you need to see; it's a video of the CBS NBA wraparounds that aired as part of game four of the 1990 NBA Eastern Finals. In the video, it features legendary CBS Sports an

The Turn Back the Clock game that FOX broadcasted in 2000. Very interesting to see now and to see the changes from 2000 to 2019

We all know the classic 'HBO in space' theme but did you know there was an extended instrumental version of the said composition? This version was based off a cassette that was sent to radio stations

Out my way, we used to have Northwest Backroads with Grant Goodeve, ex-'Eight is Enough'. KING-TV produced it for many years and it also ran on KGW, KREM and NWCN. Well produced, just like their weeknight counterpart, Evening Magazine. They stopped airing new episodes about 8 years ago and I don't think it repeats on any of the NW TEGNA stations anymore.


More goodies, ex-YouTube.


KCOP Los Angeles signs off for literally 15 minutes after a very late movie and comes back on again. Two parts, sign-off then sign-on with part of 'In Studio,' a public affairs program. Taped around Nov 1988.




Ads from USA's old Cartoon Express block, taped 8/27/92



Promos from the defunct Action Pay Per View network, taped in December 1990 (before 'Total Recall'). This was just one of several PPV networks available back in the day. Request and Viewer's Choice were a couple others.



Of course, a lot more than that has been uploaded, but these are just the highlights.

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Sonny Melendrez hosting about half of an episode of  'You and Me, Kid', an early Disney Channel show targeted towards very young children and their parents with activities and play. Rerun taped 3/11/1989.

(When I had my old YT account, Disney never messed with those broadcasts, thankfully.)



KRBC Abilene signing off the air one Sunday night in December 1995. They left that ID bumper on all night, as I fast-forwarded to the end of the tape (~30 minutes past sign-off) and it was still there.


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Now It Can Be Told, Geraldo's short-lived newsmagazine that ran in the 1991-92 season. This is the 12/18/91 episode as taped from KSTW in Seattle (which ran it at 1:00 in the morning). The episode talks about the dirty secrets of Castro's Cuba (plus those trying to escape to America).



Rare breaks from KIMO Anchorage in 1985 and 1986...plenty of local commercials included. They used Sade's 'Never As Good as the First Time' in their IDs at that time. These were some of the first YouTube uploads I ever did. Thank goodness I still have the tape.



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Partial broadcast of PBS' Late Night America with Dennis Wholey, taped off WTTW in July 1984, with guest Bella Abzug.



A variety of children's commercials taped from WGN Superstation in December 1994. Many ads for action figures and board games, keeping in mind it was close to Xmas.





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Robin Leach explores the life of teen idol Debbie Gibson on this Lifestyles clip from the early '90s (but taped off a Travel Channel rerun in 1995)



Linda Evans on this infomercial for one of the stupidest and weirdest infomercial products - the Rejuvenique mask. Taped off FX one late night in March 2002. It might improve your skin but yet you look like Jason Voorhees trying to improve it!


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So glad to finally have this one back up on the internet where it belongs...

The Disney Channel signs off the air for a one-hour maintenance period, early on May 4th, 1988. They went 24/7 in 1986 but every once in a while, had to go off for maintenance. Before YouTube yanked my account, this video had somewhere in the ballpark of 15-20K views. I can't remember now.



A lot of people still miss ole' George Michael...and not the Wham! singer either. George Michael's Sports Machine from 2/12/1995, taped off KNDO Yakima.


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A clip of WTSP's Murphy in the Morning which ran from 1985 to August 1991, when it was cancelled. It was the last local morning talk program that aired on WTSP. Bill Murphy, of course, had a long run on WTVT's morning news from 1994 to 2009. 



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The ill-fated version. At least Patrick (You WINNNNN!) Wayne didn't host that one AND Tic Tac Dough...

Pat went on to much better things. Shop 'Til You Drop was fun to watch, I got to see it when I was very little before PAX dumped the old reruns for the J.D. Roberto version in that big warehouse-like place...and of course The Big Spin, where he turned ordinary Californians into millionaires.

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