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Gari's The Edge sounding like parts are from Newschannel

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It may be just me but listening to Gari's "The Edge" on NMSA....I'm recognizing part of it from Newschannel...another Gari package...or at least I think I am....maybe I'm just hearing things...opinions welcome.

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The New Generation part of Newschannel (disc 7) is equivalent to The Edge disc 3 - the latter is the "primary", so to speak, but Newschannel's signature does appear in a few cuts (most notably the close), and otherwise, aside from different track names and a few extra sounders on The Edge's version, the two discs are almost exactly identical.


Gari is a little odd that way...it's just the biggest example of all kinds of cross-pollination. There's a thread with more examples from him and others, if you're curious.

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