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Who exactly owns NewsON at this point?

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With Nexstar taking what stations they had (KLAS plus some, but not all, ex-Media General) off of NewsON, I wonder which groups are calling the shots at this point.


As originally constructed, the groups that initially partnered to make it were ABC, Cox, Hearst, Media General, and Raycom. Between initial announcement and launch, Hubbard joined in. Under this setup, one would think that Nexstar inherited a stake in NewsON when they bought Media General and that if they retained it they would be wasting a prime opportunity to grow streaming rather than regress.


I wonder if Nexstar shedded their share at some point, probably to Sinclair or even ex-MG suitor Meredith given their bullish use of the platform to date. Just some open wondering given recent events.

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If Nextstar was on NewsON, WFRV Channel 5 never made it on NewsON.

Many of the pre-MG Nexstar stations never made it to the NewsOn.

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I don’t know but I think it was Cox, Hearst and Media General that initially owned / controlled it. Not sure how it changed.

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