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Jerome Gilmer's Still Alive

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I had read somewhere on this site a long time ago that someone said he died and Newsmusic Central folded... Apparently, that isn't true.




Also, note how the once-custom "Hearst" theme is now known as "Where the News Comes First".

Wonder if that was made available as a syndicated package like Warner Chappell made Daily News after Sinclair dropped it, or if it's on there just for sample purposes.

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Why is there an Arizona Diamondbacks open on there? It also sounds completely unfamiliar... (And makes no sense at all given that he wrote for KSAZ, not KTVK)


Some of the stuff here was never on his old site. "Virginia's 13" is a fantastic jazzy instrumental of his "This Is Colorado" song. The Image section has a WCCO image song I've never heard that sounds a little like it, too.


The Anthems section contains more works, including Positively New Jersey for NJN, whose composer I did not know, and "Alabama, My Home", which is listed as being for ABC 33/40, as well as a version of This is Colorado with a verse I'd never seen.

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Does he have clean cuts of Prime News - including the version WNYT used??


That's the thing, I didn't see Prime News at all on there which is weird because that was one of his more memorable packages.

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