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Winston Broadcasting Network Cleveland/Akron

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1 hour ago, CLETVFan said:

Would anyone say that WBNX is rebounding a year after losing the CW to WUAB?

Doubtful.   They went from a station that ranked near the top of WB/CW affiliations to an independent station that has been increasingly overshadowed by a ministry rife with allegations of abuse and growing financial problems.


I say it a thousand times, but the endGame for WBNX (see what I did there?) will likely come as a merger with Tegna or Scripps, or a group like Marquee that will leverage all of their subchannels and add even more....

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The next chapter in the Ernest Angley saga is due to unfold in a Common Pleas Court-run mediation session.




Disturbing and sickening details aside, the accuser wanted to oust Angley or be compensated for his damages.  And of course, the cult...i mean Church is standing behind Rev. Angley and his flock.

He is now almost 98, and will not take part in any depositions due to "age-related maladies".  In fact, the church has been run by a board of church-members since last year due to Rev. Angley's deteriorating health.


Now let us pray that this situation comes to an end and someone other than a ministry or infomercial purveyor ends up with WBNX.......




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