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Steve Baskerville Retiring By Christmas


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Andy is 60. I doubt he's moving anywhere. If they'd want a comp to Andy, Ed Curran would fit that type. In terms of combined longevity, it should be Mary Kay, though any of the 3 remaining meteorologists are qualified.

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In terms of seniority on the chief meteorologists in chicago who is the senior of all?

Jerry Taft is at 40 years (1977 at NBC, 1984 at ABC, elevated to chief in 1993). Skilling is at 39 years.


Just doing some digging, both Ed and Mary Kay joined the station in 2002, with Ed gone for 2 years after being canned from the morning show. By my math, Mary Kay is in her late 40s, while Ed is about 62. He is an area native, who has been on the air on TV and radio for 40 years, while she first came town at CLTV in 1994 for a year or so. Both were broadcast certified in 1997.


For potential longevity, she'd be my pick.

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