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Fox in talks to sell to Disney

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3 hours ago, CircleSeven said:


The TV studios are renamed.

  • 20th Century Fox Television > 20th Television
  • Fox 21 Studios > Touchstone Television
  • ABC Studios & ABC Signature Studios > ABC Signature


The 20th Television name was obviously used because a closing logo created for the syndicator of the same name already exists and regularly appears at the end of reruns. Bringing back the Touchstone TV name but using the old Fox 21 logo design is weird.

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2 hours ago, ColtFromGulfcoast said:

I wish theyd bring back the Buena Vista name.


Buena Vista was more of a distributor of tv programs than a producer of tv programs, so it make sense to go with the 'Touchstone Television' name.


48 minutes ago, AmericanErrorist said:

 Bringing back the Touchstone TV name but using the old Fox 21 logo design is weird.


I think they wanted to keep a familiar/recognizable font rather than revive the old touchstone logo. Plus, the fox one is a lot simpler/cleaner imo.

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