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WJZ Drops Eyewitness News, Slowly Rebrands, New Logo Roll Out and New Set

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WJZ updated their closing ticker. It’s still the old style (I forget if they have an updated one in the mornings). But they added a crawl for all the smaller closings that clog up the main ticker like businesses or child care centers. Now the big systems like universities or government offices where there’s thousands of people affected are shown first.


I’ve noticed other stations do this and you now don’t have to wait five minutes to see if a 100,000+ student school district or the federal government is closed for two dozen 30 kid daycares.


Yes I know most get text alerts or automated phone calls but for many TV is still the first line of finding out. When I was in high school in the 2000s they instituted automated phone calls but all to frequently they’d arrive after most kids would be waiting for the bus - 6:45.




Last night and this morning they used the above ticker. Now during the evening news they use a updated version of their morning ticker. Schools are closing due to lack of air conditioning. The general guideline is it has to be above 90° by 10AM to close early or predicted to hit 90° by 10AM. Of course it is well above that inside the building. The school closing below I went to was half air conditioned and regularly hit 100° inside with windows open and fans blowing. But I digress. I think this is the last graphic change and I will close the thread.




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Since I have the powers to add posts to closed threads, I thought I’d add this lovely shot from the cube. It’s been a month and it’s still not color matched with the rest of the cameras (I believe it’s a Ross Video Pivot Camera - don’t know if it can be) and not well lit. They were having a serious discussion about business security and crisis management following the Rite Aid shooting the previous day.



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