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Board Shuffle and Permissions Update

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Hello all,


There have been a few changes made around the site, and this news update will help sort them out!


Board Shuffle

Some shuffling of the more off-topic boards has taken place. The former "Off Topic" category that held the Breakroom and boards like the Graphics Dept. and Engineering Dept. has been renamed "Discussion Departments" to reinforce that the boards are directed towards certain topics, and the Breakroom has been taken out of it. The former "Fluff" category, which held the Speculation board and the "It Came from the D Block" banished threads board is now the "Breakroom" category and is the new home to the Breakroom board as well. Access to the Breakroom boards is discussed below.



There has been a long outstanding bug with the way user permissions were set up under-the-hood that occasionally restricted some users from accessing the Speculation board (among others). This was a side effect of a permissions arrangement that was made in reaction to situations through the site's history where we may have wanted to restrict access to certain portions of the site to people like unconfirmed users. The permissions system has been reworked and now all members who have posted enough to become "confirmed" (an anti-SPAM measure) should have access to the Breakroom boards. Members who are not confirmed should see this message:



Guests (people who are not logged in) will not see any message until they register. If you see this message with the rest of the boards, please let me know because nobody should be able to see the boards and the warning message.


Now that the Speculation board is fixed for all users, rampant and wild speculation in the main boards is going to be frowned upon more than it already is. Any discussion that primarily focuses on unofficial, unconfirmed station divestitures, sales, affiliation swaps, and the like should be taken to the Speculation board. It's okay if some speculation comes up in a discussion, but if the focus of your entire post is along the lines of "Here's what I see happening when X Corp buys Y Corp and is forced to sell off conflicts...", it needs to go in the Speculation board.


If you still do not have access to the Breakroom boards, and you've been around here for a while, please get in touch.


Stay tuned! There's more to come here at TVNewsTalk in the coming weeks and months ahead.



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