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Retransmission Consent squabbles

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Your parents only want the best for you. You can tell they care because people who stream, are the same folks that also vape, speed and use those hooka bongs .   The cable tv signal is

The folks that run the "keepmystation.com" webpage should at least know that WGN is NOT a "My Network" affiliate.....

And scrolling back through this thread, Dish has had multiple spats with the sidecars before the main Nexstar spat.   Dish is just such a horrible company to begin with.  It needs to go away

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Apparently Capitol Broadcasting and Dish Network are now in a dispute. Dish subscribers in Raleigh/Durham have now lost WRAL AND WRAZ right after they just got WNCN back just over a week ago. Now they’ll need an antenna for Fox AND NBC football if they don’t come to an agreement by Sunday. 🤦🏼‍♂️


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Hearst Television and Verizon FIOS will be in a dispute in the beginning of the year. The Hearst channels at issue include WBAL Baltimore (NBC), WGAL Harrisburg (NBC), WTAE Pittsburgh (ABC), WCVB Boston (ABC) and WMUR Manchester, N.H. (ABC). https://www.nexttv.com/news/verizon-warns-viewers-hearst-signals-could-come-down


Verizon also warned Gray Television Richmond Virginia Locals WWBT (NBC) and WUPV (CW) based on Gray's actions with other companies.


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5 minutes ago, CLETVFan said:

Has WOIO in Cleveland moved from RF10 to RF18?


 I think that's their translator in Akron. Their main signal is still on 10. And you're at the wrong thread anyway.

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