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The Essentials: The Best Opens and Promos

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KOUS 1982 News 4 opening (this from the former small-market NBC station of Billings/Hardin, MT [licensed to Hardin] that is now Fox4 KHMT in that area)


What I especially liked about this one is the announcer's spiel (announcer as yet unknown):


"News 4...with Ed Connors...Ric Bramble...Russ Riesinger on sports...and Barry Walcott on weather."

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Best News Open of 1987

I consider this one of the all-time greats, but it's CRIMINALLY overlooked--this gem from WBAL in the late 60s:     This one's also in my top 10 if for no other reason than how it predated WS

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WTVN Action 6 News Update 1982 (11 P.M. late edition)


"This is Action 6 News Update...with Tom Ryan, Michelle Gailiun, meteorologist Don Carson in WeatherCenter 6, and Lonnie Haskins on sports."


(as Update title flashes with last note of title track)


"Now, Action 6 News Update."


(WSYX Channel 6 [ABC Columbus, OH] from 1982; then WTVN)

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Bumping this up: KXXV Channel 25 (ABC Waco/Temple/Killeen, TX): 1988 10 P.M. opening for Eyewitness News 25 Tonight; at the beginning of this KXXV montage from user kyndle hewett (0:06 mark); what I like about this one is the same one I liked about that KOUS opening I put here before (namely, the billing):


"Now, Eyewitness News 25 Tonight...with Ric Streed and Mary Rogers on news...meteorologist Stu Bowersox with your Central Texas forecast...and sports director Ray Peters with more than the score. This is the late-breaking edition of Eyewitness News 25."



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Favorite Openings:

WSVN 1993, flashy tabloid awesomeness!

WSVN 1995: Equal flashiness!

WNBC had a great jazzy redesign in the late 80s early 90s. Great quality for the 80s and very New York City oriented.

WNBC 4 in the mid to late 80s, featuring the signature lightning bolt striking the four logo. Their graphics prior to this were great as well

Finally, IMO the last decent graphics package The Today Show had, from 2009


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