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NBC NEWS 'Stay Tuned'


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Stay Tuned host Savannah Sellers announced today on Snapchat the launch of NBC's daily news show, Stay Tuned. The show airs (if you can even call it that) every weekday 7am and 4pm ET on Snapchat.

The show is featured below your stories and the featured tab. It is also available in the Discover window.



7am is hosted by NBC's Gadi Schwartz. He appears to be in the interview area of studio 4E.


This morning's show featured several stories, as show in this graphic:


All new graphics were rolled out, with peacock influences. 30 Rock also made an appearance in the opening title, as well as host Gadi Schwartz saying his name with the line, "at 30 rock".


The show feels to be around 5 minutes.


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It was a very solid show. It felt like an extremely condensed TODAY meets Nightly News meets short attention spans. Apparently NBC hired a 30 person staff just for this show, and they will share revenue with Snapchat. Also, a weekend edition will be published at 1pm ET, presumably hosted by Sellers, who has been reporting for MSNBC weekend shows the last few months.

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