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"Hello XXXXX" satire on Simpsons


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Didn't realize The Simpsons did a satire of Frank Gari's 'Hello' songs.


Episode opens with the residents in city hall singing "Only Springfield" when Moe comes on stage and plays a video from Tuscaloosa of the residents singing "Only Tuscaloosa."


Then they go on to play several more....even throwing in "Calgary."


Lyrics on the screen:


"There's a special little place. A special smile on every face. A town called Springfield!....Of all the cities on the mappy...you're the one that makes me happy!"


And the residents revolt when they realize it wasn't written just for them.


Brilliant satire of the Hello packages, but I can't imagine many viewers understand the basis of the joke, and even more surprising to see it from a recent episode (last year).


Season 26, episode 13 - Walking Big & Tall

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Perhaps I'll take my own shot at it. We could have a competition of sorts. ;)


Of course, it wouldn't be complete without the Canadian and Australian versions making cameos...maybe even the WBAL "We'll Take You There" image that namechecks Hello at the end.

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