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Important Notice to Tapatalk Users

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TVNewsTalk.net has ended it's relationship with the Tapatalk mobile app due to irreconcilable differences, effective immediately.


This decision comes after Tapatalk unilaterally decided to install a "group chat" functionality for communities using it's services, a function that is wholly controlled by Tapatalk (Site administrators cannot moderate it) and can not be turned off. This is an outrageous abuse of the trust website operators like TVNewsTalk place in Tapatalk and sets a scary precedent for the future. This is why we have decided to remove ourselves from their app immediately.


While we realize a number of our members accessed the forum using the Tapatalk app, those visits ultimately accounted for only a small percentage of TVNewsTalk.net's total daily views. We highly encourage anyone who was using the Tapatalk app to try our site's native responsive design in their favorite mobile browser.


Thank you for your understanding, and your continued use of TVNewsTalk.net!

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