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Where do I even begin, I got a whole playlist of just about everything from tornado outbreaks to flooding events to tropical storms to winter storms. I'll post the link to the playlist because it's dozens of videos in there. Most videos are from WSB, WAGA, WXIA, and WGCL.


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Hmm. This is interesting; this is one of the first times where I've seen a meteorologist use a tablet while at the chroma wall.


This triggers a thought process. The hand-held controls are pretty much obligatory, and have been for decades. Obviously, these are somewhat limited in what they can do. For everything else, the meteorologist has to have someone back at the computer assisting them. In some weather systems, they also have a limited pseudo-"touch" system that, frankly, always seems really glitchy and frustrating to use.


After seeing this, it would seem to me to be a natural fit to have a tablet-based control for the weather systems, but I've never seen something like that. Are there any weather systems that have tablet controls?

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