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Moderators Wanted!

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TVNewsTalk is looking for a few people to help moderate the community and keep things tidy and organized!


We are primarily looking for people to moderate the "Local News", "National and International", and "On-Air Appearance" boards. For the "Local News" boards, we are specifically looking for people who live in (or have a good knowledge of) the markets we have dedicated boards for (Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia.)


Moderators will be tasked with enforcing the Community Guidelines via the forum's warning system and helping keep the community engaged and discussion flowing. If you are an active user and have actively participated on the forum in a positive manner for at least a year, you are eligible to serve as Moderator.


If you are interested, please fill out the form here.


Please note that we do not plan on installing moderators in the immediate future, as there are software and configuration changes in the works that we will be prioritizing in the coming weeks. This will also save moderators from having to learn the controls only to have to learn new controls a few weeks later. We expect these to be done late next month.


Thank you for being a part of TVNewsTalk.net!

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