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On 9/25/2021 at 10:31 PM, MikeBucc said:

This is what they did. 

Joy tossed to commercial and then it was just Joy and Sara. The show ended up being mostly audience questions, which was actually great to watch! 

They went to commercial after Sunny and Ana were pulled on air.  


The previous commenter was suggesting they could have pulled Sunny and Ana during a commercial break and returned with just Joy and Sara.


Don't know exactly what the show's processes were but I assume the Secret Service was calling at least some of the shots at that point.

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Looks more like the old Vagisil logo to me. 

I think the new logo is half Vistaprint, half Vagisil and half Valvoline all in one. Even Vagisil's logo rips off the Valvoline colors. 

Sad to see her go, she was part of  the most-versed and well-rounded panel that The View has ever had. This team has been firing on all cylinders and it has made for lively debates and conversation, y

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