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All about Raycom Media....

tyrannical bastard

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It even greenlighted the KAUZ one to American Spirit, which Hoak can finally close its books after closing.


All right. December 1st is the closing date and I smell new graphic looks and everything new for these stations in the new year.


All the Drewry stations were "Gari-land" (including KSWO with Image). All of these would be turned into Arnold once they get all the new stuff together.

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Still, they're both good companies surrounded by bad ones (especially Sinclair and Nexstar).

That's a changing argument depending on the market your live in or talk about, they both have "Good" stations in certain markets, but your mileage may vary by station... The Sinclair graphics seem like a mess to me because WHAM uses flat white or blue lower thirds and then there's the unanimated gradient blue one. And then the context bar is different color in pretty much every market you see. Then there's the same generic set... and then probably in 2030 the anchors will all look the same.

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It seems to me that Raycom had a pretty strict goal for 2015 to have all of their portfolio on the same graphics and website layout by the end of 2015. It may be possible for most of the new stations to at least get the new website layouts before Jan. 1. I'm sure the graphics and SAM music packages will take a bit longer to be enforced, but they may have those stations in the training/switchover phase already.

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KFDA has it now too. Looks like they all got the new sites except for KAUZ.


Here's hoping KAUZ gets a decent logo out of it for a change. Their current one is craptastic.


As is everything at KAUZ. That station is in a massive need of an overhaul.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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