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ニュース / News, Japan Style

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New videos from the "430" group of channels:


News and Commentary opener 1991:



Close Up Gendai (Today's Close Up) in 1994 on investigations of a plane crash (theme music sounds quirky and unpleasing):



NHK News at 12 pm, 2005 via BS 2:



FNN News Japan, 2005:


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News Zap, BS Sky Perfect, April 2015:



This program which airs on a satellite pay TV preview channel broadcasting from the BS satellite (which has its own programs), contains mostly some live previews of news channels available on Sky Perfect TV's platform and discussions with experts with on the news of the day, roughly like NHK BS1's. I think this is a one of a kind news program; not sure if any pay TV providers do such kind of programs like this on their preview channel.


Commercial breaks in the video only include promos for Sky Perfect TV's channels at 33:30, 1:33:10 and 1:47:44.


Japanese Wikipedia article: https://goo.gl/XjZNfM

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Here's a good example of a bilingual newscast: NHK's News9 from 1995:




MBS Now from 1995. Interesting open! The newscast is mostly complete, but the uploader has cut some stories apparently to protect personal information.




And a morning newscast with lots of 3D animation:



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