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FCC Approves Sales of Allbritton to Sinclair

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So we have WGWG Channel 4, and ABC News 4 and the WCIV (Charleston 4) call letters on Channel 36.2. That's not confusing at all





Despite the unwinding of the LMA, Cunningham still has strong ties with Sinclair, and with Sinclair finally having a news outlet in Charleston, I would expect the production of WTAT's newscasts to be moved to WCIV.


Don't forget Cunningham still owns the remaining stations that are LMA'ed to Sinclair.





I doubt it. They have had strong relationship with WCSC since the early 90s. If anything, perhaps a stand-alone news operation; highly doubtful for WCIV to produce their news, but who knows.





I don't see why not. Sinclair can't run or program WTAT, that doesn't mean they can't produce programs for it that WTAT wants.

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