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Holy Graphics Knockoff Batman!!

ABC 7 Denver

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22 hours ago, HoosierNewsie said:

Downloaded a game I thought was kind of interesting from an ad on TikTok (warning games sucks lol). The game started with a fake newscast. 

Can you tell where their inspiration came from? 

FullSizeRender.MOV 17.62 MB · 10 downloads  


My word. That is blatant 🤣😂

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On 10/18/2023 at 10:14 PM, Yankees4life said:

We got one from WMGT.

Looks like a MG knockoff

Interesting.  This was a year before Media General sold WDEF to Morris, who basically maintained the Media General style at the time, well into their transition into HD.


That look at the time was originally done by VDO, and later brought in house by Media General, with some additions from other stations, mainly WFLA.  Perhaps the look was done "in-house" by a former employee who left Media General?

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25 minutes ago, TennTV1983 said:

WKTV debuted new graphics this week, and they are a knockoff of GrayONE: 


Heartland is run by the former CEO of Gray, and in another tie-in, their website is a carbon copy of the websites Allen Media stations use... And Allen bought a bunch of former Heartland stations. Small world.

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Seems like that H and C Communications (Hobby family of Houston) really liked to borrow elements from Belo graphics during the late 1980s. All 'clear' examples of following are from the roughly same time frame.


KPRC-TV Channel Two News 6p


WESH NewsCenter 2 6p


WTVF Eyewitness News 10p


With possibly similar traces (panorama still of Des Moines skyline, then the anchors' personal shots) also present at KCCI's TV8 News back then.


*Their lone holdout seems to be KVOA!



For comparison: KHOU back then, when it was Houston's (genuine XD) Belo station


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