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On 10/28/2021 at 9:23 AM, tvtime07 said:

I'm still confused in the aspect of their move to Time Square, aren't they in the old TRL space, why isn't part of the set designed with actual views of their new neighborhood? Visually, you really don't know that they are in Time Square, it sort of defeats the purpose of the move if there are no windows to look at. 🤔



I think some may be putting too much emphasis on the move to TS, the views, etc... Let's be honest, having views wasn't going to change anything for them. The move to TS made sense to fully utilize under-utilized space (the new Daily Show studio/office is there too). It would be a different story if the studio was at street level.

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I question if no Gayle would help the ratings. Alot of tv news viewing is about who's reporting the story as much as it's about the story itself. Gayle King (especially being Oprah's best friend) has name recognition, as did Charlie Rose. Now they were still in third despite two recognizable media personalities, but I wonder if CBS This Morning would have made it this far without them.


CBS Saturday Morning has a great team and good story choice. I'd say it deserves be #1 on Saturdays, though I do enjoy Weekend GMA more than tit's weekday counterpart.


I agree with the comment about Saturday Today. It's time slot shifts too often while Weekend GMA is always on at 8am ET. As for Sunday Today has some good stories but it feels like contrived effort at mirroring CBS Sunday Mornings.

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