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Guest hosts next week:





Monday: Meredith Vieira

Tuesday: Brian Williams

Wednesday: Kathie Lee and Hoda

Thursday: Tom Brokaw

Friday: Maria Shriver

Interesting...but will Maria, Tom and Brian force that they get announced before Matt at the 7am? Maybe...I'm guessing KLG will obviously want to get announced full stop, seems like something she'd demand.

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Geez...BriWi, Josh Elliott and Bryant Gumbel were all on Today in like the first minute of the show. Add in Lauer, and it's the past, present, potential future of the show, all with a little dose of the surreal.


What was Bryant doing there today?
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Well according to this Sheinelle Jones is supposedly going to be replacing Jenna Wolfe as news anchor on Weekend Today:




I would've thought at least Craig Melvin would've gotten the gig.


I believe they are grooming Craig Melvin to replace Lester Holt in the future. Plus not to be all controversial, I highly doubt that they would have two black males on Weekend Today.

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Hoda Kotb all week long! Somebody pinch me! Meant to post sooner, saw a commercial following weekend Nightly News. This is the way it should be. Matt's an ass but Hoda is the perfect co-host for him à la Meredith Vieira. Why they didn't go with her instead of ho-hum Savannah, I'll never understand.

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I'm actually going to commend Matt on this one. His co-anchors essentially asked him for some assistance and pull, and he came to bat for them. Sure, Matt effectively got another person fired, but how is it any worse than what Horowitz was going to do?

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IMO this is a really stupid move. I happen to like both Hoda and Tamron, and wouldn't like to see either of them leave today, but Natalie and Willie? Absolutely insane.


Interestingly, though, the Yahoo! article ( https://tv.yahoo.com/news/report-natalie-morales-willie-geist-fired-today-143900015.html ) also says this:


"However, it's possible that NBC could try to woo Morales and Geist back, according to Us,since their firings came at the recommendation of Today general manager Jamie Horowitz, who was let go on Monday after just two months."


Now that would be a good thing.


"It's just my opinion. I could be wrong." -- Dennis Miller

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