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The Fox 29 News/Good Day Philadelphia Thread


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2 hours ago, cg41386 said:

Shaina Humphries is leaving after this week, says she is heading off for a new adventure closer to home (suburban Chicago).

When's the last time they had any stability at night? Dawn Stensland and Dave Huddleston? It seems like ever since 3 and 6 decided to stop letting them have the entire 10pm pie, their bottom has dropped out. With those two other options and 29's hardcore tabloid turn, I've got no reason to watch the pioneer of the 10 o'clock news in Philly.


Also, to nitpick some graphics- during their 11pm show (which has a separate open [or at least rejoiners]), they're still using the "10 at 10" graphic in their bug. And on the bug- they have a thoroughly unnecessary "PM" wedged in next to the time, and yet the temperature isn't fully aligned to the right edge of the box, leaving a weird gap. 


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On 7/7/2022 at 5:19 PM, ATLNewsExpert said:

Good for her, she'll do great I'm sure! Not the first time an Atlanta anchor went to Philly or vis versa, Lorrie Wilson for example went from WGCL to WCAU to WSB


Erin Coleman came to WCAU from WGCL as well.

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On 7/11/2022 at 6:56 AM, ddaniels20 said:

For the first time since I believe October, Good Day Philadelphia is back in the streetside studio. They had been using the main studio since then.4CA0B443-0B45-40A4-8CB7-BD8CC5B2B5D6.thumb.png.6c25e1478c95bc3471d98e23e530d8d7.png97F754C6-A44C-48C3-A2FD-65F1646B818F.thumb.png.b2e4a7ff6ab30bf863f5f8330c0b3514.png23C5A1AD-C6D1-45AE-B007-F7D39BE0A4CF.thumb.png.d02f4f4f6d5c44699d4df1d6fb6b3e12.png

They been in that set for while. I temper watching a video talking to a boy who is from war-torn Ukraine. And been trying to get to his adoptive parents in Philly and they did a cross interview they were in their street dude studio.

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