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The CBS 3 Eyewitness News Thread

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1 hour ago, PhillyWatch said:

They used the blue graphics, and I wish I had saved a copy because I'm not sure who the voiceover was, but it was likely something thought up during the pandemic (as mentioned) to lighten the load on the stations that just never came to fruition. 

It was taken down due to KDKA-TV not having legal use to Brian Lee due to Lee having a contract with WPXI-TV. They couldn't use Kamer either due to WCAU. 

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Ukee's statement about the scandal.  

She isn't traveling that far.......    

I'm going to guess it's a contingency open to run Philly and Pittsburgh if KDKA has to shut down due to the virus now that Pittsburgh is slowly getting out of lockdown. Have to believe a similar open

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1 hour ago, WCAUTVNBC10 said:

It's Kamer, guys. Only one "r".

I have seen it spelled both ways (not denying you, because I know you are right). I assumed it was Kramer since that's a more common last name than Kamer. I fixed my post. Thanks for the correction.

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5 hours ago, Kenneth Kissel said:

It was taken down due to KDKA-TV not having legal use to Brian Lee due to Lee having a contract with WPXI-TV. They couldn't use Kamer either due to WCAU. 


The KDKA/KYW hybrid thing was a result of CBS forcing their O&Os to come up with redundancy plans after the  COVID-19 outbreak at CBS News/WCBS HQ in NY. Of course, it forced other stations to pick up the slack last minute (Boston covering for NY, etc.) I doubt any of these will really ever see the light of day, but who knows? 

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Who's even left in the wx department? Kate, Lauren, and Tammie Souza filling in per diem. Is that it? 


EDIT: Forgot Llarisa in the mornings

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I'm looking for some info and want to see if any diehard Philly newsies or anyone have some answers.


Going back to the days when KYW-3 was NBC and WCAU was CBS. I found a 1990 write up in The Philadelphia Inquirer. It was talking about

KYW-3 ratings down after a certain sweeps period. They had the numbers in there, and the 6pm news was a rating point behind WCAU. The 11pm

tied with WCAU. 


What I want to know is with affiliated with NBC at that time, was KYW 3 ever competitive? Does anybody know if there were times with NBC

having some good programming helped KYW leaped to #2, or was it always dead-last?   As for WCAU it was owned by CBS and I'm sure CBS

had to be happy with their performance vs. NY, LA, Chicago  O&O were not doing so well.


Just wanted to know if anyone who knows Philly, have some stories or details about the market before the 1995 CBS/NBC switch.

Looking at some of the old KYW-3 videos it does seem like KYW-3 News was solid off course there are different eras. I see some like The News Tonight era.

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