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BREAKING: Massive outage affecting Internet Broadcasting-powered sites


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A service outage is currently affecting all websites hosted on Internet Broadcasting's content management platform, including the sites of stations owned by Hearst Television and Post-Newsweek, along with Internet Broadcasting's corporate site. Sites are displaying either a generic "Page cannot be displayed" error or show a parked domain page. A cached listing of the nearly 50 sites affected can be found here.


The outage is also affecting the mobile apps of affected stations. Apps are loading mostly blank, except for data fetched from other sources, like current weather conditions.


UPDATE: 6:19AM EST: A handful of websites (including localnews8.com and wfmz.com) have returned to service, however they seems to load inconsistantly and occasionally error out.


UPDATE: 6:35AM EST: All websites and apps are now functioning normally.


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