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Do not hold out hope for Move Closer To Your World sticking around. Tegna (then Gannet) shattered my dreams when it ripped the Spirit Of Texas out from under WFAA for no good reason at all.   T


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I'm all for unconventional newscasts. I don't even know if you'd call this a newscast, but it still a locally produced half hour, and they're trying something out-of-the-box. Were they even competitive in that timeslot until now? If not, then why not try this out? Something irreverent and humor-based also seems like a better SNL lead-in. 


I was a huge fan of WPIX's 10pm circa 2011. They ditched the set, used their newsroom and a greenscreen, and allowed for more long-form commentary pieces. While this isn't quite the same situation, the principle is the same- offering viewers something (anything!) different than all the other newscasts on at the same time, which are essentially cookie cut from the same news-weather-sports mold. 

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The after-SNL time period where I am used to be filled in the 80s, 90s, and early 00s with either It's Showtime at the ApolloSoul Train, or on the comedic side, Night Stand with Dick Dietrich and America's Dumbest Criminals, and of course KING-TV had Almost Live forever, and it was always a fun topper to a late night.


Now...a local church called Time of Grace bought out every post-SNL timeslot in the area (and beyond) for their 'how do you do fellow kids' ministry. 🥱 It's the perfect cure for insomnia.


The Saturday night newscast on an NBC affiliate in-season is usually a dirge. You lose five minutes of show you have the rest of the week because of SNL, governments are closed, the crime roll is shorter, and it's packed with stories where you basically have to get people out to go to festivals and funruns, and network/corporate must-runs, along with weekday junk you want to burn off ahoy. You also never have the rights to the local college football team in most cases since all NBC's got is Notre Dame, so outside WMAQ and WNDU, why care beyond the highlights? Most of the audience isn't even really watching because they're out or watching football at their local favorite bar. Outside of Notre Dame nights where you pray they don't go into overtime and Uncle Lorne rages in a press release Sunday morning about starting at 12:42 a.m., there's no excitement to them (except for the one time where that Kansas anchor said 'let's get the f**k outta here!').


I admit...I laughed quite a few times at this show, and I've laughed at Mike Polk's YouTube stuff often. It is a good alternative to the umpteen football games on (which for the area outside a couple of ABC weeks, never involves an Ohio team), and so WOIO wins the night; most of that audience from 48 Hours isn't in the demographic anyways. And when Pat Tomosulu did this on WGN in the exact same time period, it seemed to be fine, but suddenly it's a network affiliate and the death of the Fifth Estate?! (shakes head) I've seen much worse weekly local content, and better this than a 'bonus' edition of the midday advertorial show 'after dark'.

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