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Is WLNY ever going to get there own set/studio?


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According to this report on April 2, 2012 WLNY was to get its own studio though that has not happened.


"All of the ‘LNY newscasts will originate from the Broadcast Center on West 57th Street. At the start, those live broadcasts will be produced at the WCBS studios that debuted last year, but WCBS is in the process of building a new WLNY studio.

Richard Rose, the veteran WLNY anchor reports from a revamped, HD quality studio at the same Melville facilities. He’ll also host an updated version of his Sunday morning public affairs show.

“We’ll be the only TV station in our area with a full-time studio on Long Island,” Friend says."


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Whatever happened to the studio on Long Island they used to use when they were just 10/55 WLNY, before WCBS took over?


It currently serves as WCBS' Long Island bureau, although according to the FCC Public File, it still technically serves as WLNY's main studio (Likely because WLNY's signal contour doesn't reach Manhattan, and FCC rules require that a main studio be within a station's main signal contour).

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