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Philadelphia Anchor's (Inappropriate) Tweet Goes Viral


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A reference to last week's finale of the hit series "Breaking Bad" and a news story about six people being shot: Two things that should probably never go together. But one Philadelphia anchor did just that this weekend. Joyce Evans, an anchor at FOX 29 Philadelphia, sent out the following tweet late Sunday:


Thought "Breaking Bad" was hot last Sunday? @FOX29philly See who's breakin' bad in SW Philly leavin' 6 people SHOT - Tonite at Ten!

— Joyce Evans (@JoyceEvansFox29) October 7, 2013


As of press time, the tweet has been re-tweeted nearly four thousand times, and even spawned the hashtag #JoyceEvansTweets that trended for a short time.


This isn't the first time Evans has tweeted odd promotions of FOX 29 newscasts. In July of 2012 she tweeted about "Internet Doomsday" before adding that two police officers were killed in traffic.


@fox29 Are you ready for Internet Doomsday? Don't know what it is? Find out on fox29news at six. and 2 cops are killed in traffic

— Joyce Evans (@JoyceEvansFox29) July 8, 2012Evans maintains that the tweet was "not ast (sic) all a joke".


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Do I even NEED to put the Gardner Facepalm graphic here? God.


What's even more sucky about this is that Joyce Evans really is a very good anchor/reporter, and certainly one of the better ones at Fox 29.


I think the station has been getting more and more desperate for social media hits since that Good Day interview with Ryan Lochte went viral earlier this year. Some of the stuff I see on their facebook page is a little... off.


Honestly? More people need to follow Jim Gardner's example. Use Twitter as a means of generating discussion, distributing interesting news, and showing a sense of humor not seen on TV. That's better than these promo tweets where talent bends itself into knots trying to be clever.

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