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KSAZ Debuts New Devlin Set


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Phoenix FOX O&O KSAZ debut a new set Sunday night. Featuring massive sections of color changing LED walls, a monitor wall six monitors wide and three monitors tall, a unique desk design, and a half-circle couch for the morning show, the new Devlin Design Group set replaces a set built in 2005 (also from Devlin). It also is the second FOX O&O to receive a Devlin set this year, the first having been Minneapolis' KMSP back in April.


The KSAZ set has some significant differences from the KMSP set, which is a nice change from the "Cookie Cutter" sets that often get rolled out in station groups, like the Blyth Design set that FOX was putting in it's O&O's up until a few years ago.


Construction of the set required the removal of a wall that split the studio in two, the demolition of which is featured in a time lapse the station posted to it's Facebook page.




You can view a photo gallery here. Discussion is ongoing here.


Thanks to TVNT member Rayme for originally posting about this!


Click here to view the article

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"Minneapolis' KTSP"


Oh, the irony. You mean KMSP but are also talking about a market that includes a KSTP and the whole thing's about a station that used to be KTSP. :)


Yes, yes I did. I guess writing these before I go to bed is a bad idea.
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