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The Definitive ABC 7 Thread

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Longtime anchor Joel Daly, passed away this morning at the age of 86.

Retired WLS chief meteorologist Jerry Taft has passed away last night at 77. https://abc7chicago.com/weather/retired-abc7-meteorologist-jerry-taft-dies-at-77/6332373/

Kathy Brock loses mother to Covid-19, while her father remains in an ICU   https://www.chicagotribune.com/coronavirus/ct-coronavirus-chicago-news-anchor-kathy-brock-20200413-62etw5tzxve5dpx6

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There's gonna be a little personal exposition here, but I'd been thinking all day about how to put into words just the impact Jerry Taft had on my path in life.



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I know this is may not be ABC 7 Related. But recently I had just left my own news company on August 7th. As I was with my news company, I was trying hard to keep the old ABC 7 '92 theme alive while I was in business. So I did a tease with the classic "Tonight at 10" Theme as well as all the other cuts also that were used on ABC 7. I have it uploaded to YouTube if anyone wanted to find it! 

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3 minutes ago, R.R. said:

I remember being an infant and recognizing the colors of this talent bump back in the day! Took years to find this!




This isn't cobbled together? The afternoon theme on a 10pm open, anchored by Judy Hsu?

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12 minutes ago, 24994J said:


This isn't cobbled together? The afternoon theme on a 10pm open, anchored by Judy Hsu?

Rob Johnson and Judy Hsu were filling in for Ron and Diann, it was a Friday night so Judy wasn't anchoring her morning shift that day. I'm surprised it wasn't the royal WLS-TV evening theme.

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'Eyewitness Forum' was ABC 7's weekly news/politics show for decades, and it evolved into 'NewsViews' when a Sunday morning newscast debuted in the 90's, lasting about 15 minutes at the end of the broadcast. As of November 22nd, it was rebranded as 'Our Chicago,' the name used for several segments this past year, mostly regarding race, but now expanding to cover community causes, action, and awareness. Judy Hsu remains host.





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