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Former Anchor is suing WGME and Sinclair for Diability and Age Discrimination

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Well, first off....I would like to applaud this news anchor for suing Sinclair for age and disability discrimination

and second of all is my opinion, I would rule incompetency in Sinclair Broadcasting Group (yes, Ladies and Gentlemen the diverse broadcasting corporation that believes in diversity and swallowing up stations when it doesn't have the money to do that) :(

Anyway, I would rule in the favor of the news anchor who did get fired from WGME-TV.

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IIRC, what was interesting about the stroke event is how quickly the placement of the talent seemed to have changed. Gregg Lagerquist was already doing some of the early & late news fill-in work, and when Doug made his return Kim Block did a story on the whole experience and how he had basically made a full recovery. He even ended up doing some PSAs for the station regarding stroke awareness.


Following that, it wasn't too long until they started to shift around most of the main people, both AM & PM. Doug was supposed to have gotten involved in more "special projects" and continued to contribute his regular segment on a weekly basis, but once they moved Gregg and Kiley Bennett into the prime & late news position, it seemed like the writing was on the wall.


All of that said, I don't know him. The people I know who have dealt with him say he's pretty straightforward and not someone who's pompous or whatever - the impression he at times, may have conveyed on air based on his delivery. Always thought he was one of the best of the bunch in the market, and I preferred WGME over the others as a result while I lived there. It seems like he might just have a case, so I am interested in seeing how it plays out.

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