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"The Best News of All"?

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The NMSA progression is shot.


It looks like in 1984 they did a logo change. The old logo is on the news van, the new one on the end tag:



The fall of '84 would coincide with the launch of their "One Quad City" image from Peters:




This was their set in the era:



In 1986-88?, they used the WFTV mid-late-80s theme that I believe was done by Silvertree, and they got a new set:



This farewell tape dated 1988 uses some of the same elements:


I know we are getting off topic...but just to add to your timeline as promised

This is the theme I believe goes along with the “One Quad City” promo


Then to help fill in gaps, here is a promo from ‘78...working on uploading the full vocal promo soon

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