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(Re)introducing the TVNewsTalk Gallery!

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After months of planning and preparation and a few weeks setting it up, we're proud to announce that the all new TVNewsTalk Gallery is now officially open! Some of you may remember that we used to have a gallery before we switched forum software, and that was something we wanted to bring back ASAP following the switch. Unfortunately, the version of IP.Gallery available at the time was not up to our standards and the alternatives were not very user friendly. That all changed a few weeks ago when Invision Power Services (developers of our forum software and the gallery software) released a new version of IP.Gallery.


We've already uploaded a few example galleries and a few fellow members have also begun uploading content. We're accepting content from all registered users as long as it follows these guidelines:


What TVNT Gallery is:
  • TVNT Gallery is a place to share screen captures and photos that showcase television set and graphic design.
  • TVNT Gallery is a place for industry professionals to find examples of set and graphic design from other stations around the country and around the world.
  • TVNT Gallery is a place for all people to comment and critique featured inside.

What TVNT Gallery is NOT:
  • TVNT Gallery is NOT a repository for photos and screenshots you find online.
  • TVNT Gallery is NOT a back-up service for your screenshot and photo collection.
  • TVNT Gallery is NOT a place to showcase your personal graphic design creations.

Currently the gallery is divided up into three sections: Sets and Studios, On-Air Graphics, and Vehicles. When you upload to Sets and Studios or On-Air Graphics, you'll need to create a album for the station featured in your images. When uploading to vehicles, you'll be able to pick between two pre-made albums for ENG/SNG vehicles or Helicopters. Other vehicles should be uploaded to the root "Vehicles" category.


Another important feature of the gallery is the ability to add a watermark. When creating an album, you are given the option to let the server automatically add a TVNewsTalk watermark to the images in the album. We've heard from a number of members who were unhappy to see that the content they had uploaded to TVNT appear on other industry blogs or media outlets without any sort of attribution to themselves or the site. This is one way to make sure the source of the image is always properly identified!


Once you upload photos to the gallery, you can link to them or embed them in a post by clicking "My Media" in the WYSIWYG editor. It's that easy!


Please let us know if you have any questions or problems!

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