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Orlando's WESH rolls out new graphics, music


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That only leaves (in DMA order):





Well, that's what's left of the NBC affiliates. Will be interesting to see if they all get the new graphics before the Olympic closing ceremonies.

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Apparently they're the distributor (owner?) of inthegroove, so this likely is an inthegroove package. It most definitely sounds like one.


Anyway, the package sounds great and the apparent variety is pretty astounding. I still think the old Hearst signature is more memorable, but this is a damn good package. It's a better example of "variety" than the Gilmer package, which is "let's try to shove Hearst's 900 slogans into musical notes".

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The news Fonts of these NBC affliate Heasrt station looks similar to the new NBC O&O station fonts.


Not really. NBC uses Gotham, which is so ubiquitous it's arguably this generation's Helvetica.


Hearst's font isn't that. It looks very close to Lato but I don't think it's that. Maybe Freight Sans?


EDIT: Phone post so it looks like crap. Will fix when I get home.

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Looks OK. The biggest problem that they have now is that they really need to replace the duratrans on set (at the very least). The graphics don't really mesh well with them. A new set of duratrans would be another cheap patch until they get around to starting the set from scratch.


I'm not sure I'm crazy about the use of the gold in the graphics, especially in the OTS. There's something about that specifically that really bugs me. It's again probably because it clashes so badly with the set.


I think the graphics would look better with a darker set, not one that is so blue and glowing so much that it could be radioactive.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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