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Orlando's WESH rolls out new graphics, music


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It's not a knockoff. Apparently they did some cuts of Pride with the Heart of the City signature. And it's not out of the question that Hearst trademarked the four notes, and they're distributing cuts without it. Stephen Arnold's library has a track called "Eye of the Storm", which is the awesome storm alert music Weather Channel used in 2005 during Katrina. The Weather Channel sonic signature is edited out.

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There are no versions of Strive that we've used for promos that are only drums. All promos that aired last night between 9 and 11 used newer versions of Strive, but none featuring only drums. (How do I know? I work at WBAL and rendered just about every promo that's been aired since April 26th)

I'm not good when it comes to identifying instruments used and thought that they were used to keep the beat.


But just as an FYI I noticed during the weather promo's with the full weather team that the "InstaWeather Plus" logo appears twice on screen. The first appears to be a watermark where everything is outlined except for the peacock (that you can see around Ava Marie's hands) and the blue PLUS which is across John Collins and Miri Marshall's torsos. Then the second one is the regular logo.



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Good lord.


This thread gone too far and I'm closing it before it gets any worse.


I'll deal with cleaning up this mess when I have time later tonight.


Garbage cleared. Keeping the thread closed though because it's rather lengthy and there seem to be multiple discussions. Feel free to open new threads in the proper forums.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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