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WCBS - CBS2 News

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Let me keep it real: Some of y'all upset WCBS's newscasts was handled by KCBS/KPIX for three days? "Woe is me I didn't see Maurice for a few days, I can't go face the world if Mary ain't on, why

It boggles my mind that some of you are sitting here complaining. Who cares if anchors in LA or SF are anchoring the news. You’re getting the news, aren’t you. It seems petty with everything else goin

Lots of "if only's" which won't help the current situation..  I also suspect the issue may be more than studio space since the building itself is closed down.  The question is what are the current opt

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Technical glitch had WCBS showing the WBZ morning newscast at 4:30.

At 4:37 AM they were able to get the CBS2 newscast on WCBS.

Chis is anchoring solo. Vanessa is doing weather reports via the CBS2 Mobile Weather Lab at Columbus Circle.

2020-03-12 (3).png

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4 hours ago, RealNews18 said:

They are showing Inside Edition in place of CBS2 News at Noon

Today's IE was compiled from LA, (IE tapes at Broadcast Center) with Deborah hosting the show from her home kitchen.

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