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Found 2 results

  1. Kasie announced this morning on MSNBC’s Way Too Early that today was her last day with the Morning Joe franchise. In addition, she's leaving the Peacock. Variety is now reporting she’s going to CNN - we’ll specifically CNN+ where she’ll have a major presence. https://twitter.com/kasie/status/1415983618531397644
  2. Fox News has quietly rolled out updates to their Washington DC bureau. I have visited their bureau several times before and they had two operational studios. They were next door to each other - one had a window over looking the Capital (used primarily for SP, FNS, and TIA) and the other was primarily used for TCT and FN@N. However, these updates revealed three new studio spaces. It is unclear where they are in relation to the previous spaces. It is worth noting two things - this is in the same building as NBC/Meet the Press and Tucker Carlson has a new studio for his two shows (I’m assuming it’s no longer in this building). STUDIO 1 STUDIO 2 STUDIO 3
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