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Found 10 results

  1. It is official after almost 12 years on the Fox O&O set it is finally going to be retired. Now let's go to the video of the announcement. WJW New Set Announcement
  2. Nexstar has officially announced this morning that it will acquire Tribune Media at a deal valued at $6.4B. Nexstar will acquire the outstanding shares of Tribune for $46.30 a share, valued at $6.4B. The $6.4B amount includes the assumption of Tribune's outstanding debt. Tribune shareholders could received an additional $0.30 a share, per month, if the deal doesn't close by August 31, 2019. The deal is subject to approval from Tribune shareholders. And aside from Nexstar spinning off divested stations to get the greenlight from regulators, Nexstar also said that it might also spin-off other assets "which it deems to be non-core".
  3. The list is out....Who is moving, and who is going away for good.... There are some shockers, but they will likely be around on someone else's channel... http://www.tvnewscheck.com/mobile/index/article/id/103237 So far, it looks like FOX is getting out of the duopoly business for the most part, and Nexstar AND Tribune is cashing in in some unlikely places.... As for KRON....Well, you'll just have to see for yourself! Lots of TBN, religious and public broadcasters cashing in too...
  4. KFSM’s new building is complete and the 5NEWS crew is practicing on the new set. The new studio — located in Johnson, AR (Fayetteville) — is roughly 60 miles away from the current location in Fort Smith, AR and 5-10 minutes from the Fayetteville studio located in the Northwest Arkansas Mall in Fayetteville, AR. Erika Thomas, 5NEWS anchor, said in a Facebook post that the new look will debut in June 2019.
  5. who?cares

    WTTV New Look

    It appears WTTV has dropped most of the elements for an in house look. They've also dropped "Indiana's Very Own" as the slogan, and picked up "Your News Now" wttv_2019_04_23_05_00_04_track1.mp4
  6. Oh boy..... http://www.baltimoresun.com/business/bs-bz-sinclair-anti-trust-lawsuit-20180801-story.html I don't know why it was filed in Illinois, but Sinclair and Nexstar are (or were) owners whose stations carried their ads (most likely WPMI and WKRG) The other groups seem out of place, but they all own (or will soon own) stations in nearby New Orleans...
  7. Most of the talk about the Sinclair-Tribune marriage has been on the conflicts in St. Louis and Oklahoma City, as well Sinclair's "programming", but theres one subject that's been overlooked in the merger talks, Antenna TV, Tribune's classic TV network. What would Sinclair do with that network? Would they shut and down and replace it with their long gestating Fox News rival? Not likely, but they might force stations in their markets already airing Antenna TV to give it up to one of their stations. They may also close down one of their already existing networks (TBD seems like the most expendable, since it's literally only internet videos) and use its slot on their current stations to expand Antenna TV's reach. So tell me, what would Sinclair possibly do with Antenna TV? Let me hear your answers. And Mr. Weeters, if this is more of a Speculatron post, go ahead and put it on there.
  8. Scott from FTVLive said that Channel 5 could be (ugh!) expanding to its already extremely-long morning newscast. It's new 10am hour of its morning broadcast could debut on June 12. Should this stick, the station would air SEVEN straight hours of local news in the morning. That's just plain pitiful.
  9. Even ahead of the Sinclair buyout this reband looks terrible! Back to the Fox Box and to the TribWest Fox package. Additionally, the CSD can't hold a coherent theme. He switches between the KDVR custom package and Locals Only (which should be confined to KWGN). Furthermore, the horrid KWGN graphics package is staying, for some reason. Kelly Donnell is not original in his work and is tanking both stations with his lack of understanding how brand power works and how Denver and the traditional Fox look don't mesh. Joan Barrett (the GM) hired this corporate subservient and all we can do is watch (or not) in horror. Since the Nielsen boxes are in Denver City/County only, I predict a ratings slide. [MEDIA=vimeo]237757282[/MEDIA] [MEDIA=vimeo]237652491[/MEDIA]
  10. Another Tribune station is getting a new set: this time it's WTVR, The South's First Television Station. They started doing their newscasts - and sister station WDCW's 10pm news as well - in the newsroom (post below) since the weekend. According to meteorologist Mike Goldberg on the station's Facebook Live Sunday, they will be in the newsroom for two months. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=1883444868576856
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