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Found 5 results

  1. After over a decade of recess and an official announcement last December, Court TV has returned to television on May 8 as an OTA digital broadcast bnetwork and OTT service owned by the E.W. Scripps Company's Katz Broadcasting. The company's name, logo and library were purchased by by Katz from it's previous owner Turner Broadcasting The network will also live stream coverage,programming and it's library of coverage of past notable trials on its website Court TV.com Time to deliberate.
  2. Okay... Scripps to acquire Cordillera Communications. http://scripps.com/press-releases/1198-scripps-to-acquire-15-television-stations-in-10-markets-from-cordillera-communications?fbclid=IwAR3kzji_X8bd90WAl6bvpfWoDb3RvuEKqfSVq7CoBOnCSQPoi_dWaWZ19To
  3. WTMJ seems to be in some turmoil. News Director Janet Hundley abruptly left the station a few days after Christmas and now OnMilwaukee.com is reporting 10PM anchor George Mallet was shown the door on Friday, after barely two years back at the station, and less than one week before the Olympics. Last year, longtime Chief Meteorologist John Malan "retired", but my insider sources say that was mostly driven by Scripps corporate not wanting to continue his contract. At what point do we start calling this a "bloodbath"? I can't imagine Carole Meekins will last much longer, either... At least in her current 10PM anchor role.
  4. This thread is to talk about the Scripps graphics being rolled out to the former Journal stations. KTNV is now the 3rd ex-Journal station to get the graphics here they are in action
  5. Give light and the people will find their own way. This post talks about previous graphics used by Scripps' 9 legacy, news-producing stations. including the 2009 Scripps graphics package and what came before it. Do not talk about WKBW or the former McGraw-Hill or Journal stations, only talk about Scripps' legacy stations. For those of you who have never known this before (like those who joined the site since 2010), did you know that during the first month the Scripps standardization package was used, the lower thirds were larger than usual? That was fixed in November 2009. Another thing to know is that KNXV and KJRH used the 2009 standardization package for promos only for their first several days of using it, while using their pre-standardization graphics for everything else, until getting the standardization package full-time. I have heard elsewhere on this site that KJRH's 2008 graphics package they got when they went HD before standardization was done in-house at the lighthouse. KSHB's 2007 graphics package (which is what KJRH's 2008 opens were inspired by) that was also used before standardization might have been done in-house, too. I'm not sure. Can anyone tell me whether KSHB's 2007 graphics package was done in-house? Can you tell me what other Scripps stations used in-house graphics packages in the 2000s, before getting the standardization treatment in 2009, too?
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