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Found 11 results

  1. The list is out....Who is moving, and who is going away for good.... There are some shockers, but they will likely be around on someone else's channel... http://www.tvnewscheck.com/mobile/index/article/id/103237 So far, it looks like FOX is getting out of the duopoly business for the most part, and Nexstar AND Tribune is cashing in in some unlikely places.... As for KRON....Well, you'll just have to see for yourself! Lots of TBN, religious and public broadcasters cashing in too...
  2. WNYW in New York has begun rolling out new motion graphics that are expected to expand across FOX O&O properties. Coming Up Bump: Bump to Commercial:
  3. It appears KMSP the FOX O&O in Minneapolis debuted a new set yesterday (Monday). No idea who's behind it.
  4. Used to be that Eyewitness News and Action News was only reserved for just CBS, ABC and NBC affiliates. It began in Philadelphia in the 1960s. Al Primo launched Eyewitness News in 1965 at KYW (now CBS3), and then Mel Kampmann launched Action News at ABC6 WPVI in 1970. Those two formats became widespread ever since. But since the late 1990s, there are some FOX, UPN and CW affiliates that used the longstanding Action News or Eyewitness News formats. Some FOX stations had used the Eyewitness News name since the 1970s, when those stations used to be with CBS, ABC and NBC. Let's start with Eyewitness News AND Memphis. WHBQ FOX13 the first FOX station to do so in 1995, calling themselves FOX13 Eyewitness News. This was after WHBQ switched from ABC to FOX that year, and along with that, carried the Eyewitness News name that's been in use since the 1970s. Next up, WLMT CW30 alongside sister station WPTY ABC24, where WLMT called their show CW30 Eyewitness News (as WPTY had ABC24 Eyewitness News). Before that, WLMT was UPN30 Eyewitness News. Of course, there were FOX O&O stations that carried over their Eyewitness News name from their previous networks. For instance, the former CBS affiliates that already had Eyewitness News from the getgo. WJBK Detroit was FOX2 Eyewitness News, WAGA Atlanta was FOX5 Eyewitness News and WTVT Tampa was FOX13 Eyewitness News. This was after FOX bought former CBS, ABC and NBC affiliates from New World in 1994. Now for the Action News. WALA in Mobile and Pensacola used FOX10 Action News. This was after WALA switched from NBC to FOX in 1996, and Channel 10 had the Action News format since the 1980s. Before KMAX was sister station to KOVR CBS13, and while channel 31 was UPN in 1998, their newscast was titled UPN31 Action News.
  5. At last, it's my turn to create a news coverage thread! We know that the Classic 3 networks will devote all of primetime to the midterms, as well as most of late night, so now comes the time to ask, what special coverage will your local stations be doing, if any?
  6. Yikes. Scary situation. Seems liek everyone is ok. http://www.fox5dc.com/fox-5-security-shoots-man-attempting-to-break-into-building
  7. So I was out & about this afternoon and i saw two grey Ford F-350 Trucks with satellites on the top and on the doors of the trucks it said: FOX NEWS DENVER, COLORADO D.B.A.--KDVR-TV. One had Colorado License plates & the other had Colorado temp plates, so does FOX NEWS have a bureau out here now? (I'm sorry I wasn't quick enough to get some pictures) or do they just have trucks based here?
  8. I love how the algorithm on the FOX News website grouped these stories together. Or maybe I just love dogs. The petting kind...not the eating kind.
  9. Since we have an Olympics Broadcasting Thread, why not have one for the World Cup, too? Here’s a look at Fox’s studio at Red Square, and it looks damn fine: [MEDIA=vimeo]269856441[/MEDIA]
  10. A new report out from New England One suggests that WFXT in Boston is set to take drastic steps to revamp its on-air image amid continued struggles in the ratings following the acquisition of the FOX affiliate by Cox in 2014, including ditching longtime FOX 25 News branding. What's the future of WFXT as a FOX affiliate? Can anything save the station from itself or from Cox's meddling?
  11. We do have some sad news to report on this morning that Dick Enberg has passed away, Thursday evening, he was 82 years old. Enberg, best known for his signature "Oh My!" calls, has called 10 Super Bowls, 28 Wimbledons and 8 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championships (including the Houston-UCLA "Game of the Century" in 1968 and Magic Johnson-Larry Bird showdown in 1979). His most recent work has been doing the play by play for the San Diego Padres for 7 seasons an it was celebrated in a host of honors, including the National Baseball Hall of Fame's Ford C. Frick Award (2015), the Pro Football Hall of Fame's Rozelle Award (1999) and the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame's Gowdy Award (1995). He won 13 Sports Emmy Awards and a Lifetime Achievement Emmy. He received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and UCLA named its Media Center in Pauley Pavilion after Enberg this year. Enberg once said that "Baseball, has been in my DNA from the time I was in diapers." He will be deeply missed by sports fans all across the country, may he rest in peace http://www.espn.com/espn/story/_/id/21842570/dick-enberg-beloved-broadcaster-dies-age-82
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