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Found 5 results

  1. KDSP-AM Orange & Blue 760 is dead, it changed it's call letters June 25th and is now stunting as of this morning with a wide variety of freedom music, it's new call letters are KDFD-AM (760Khz). It is expected to be called 'Freedom 93.7' as it will be on translator K229BS at 93.7FM as well as 760KHz. It's the 3rd format for this station in 5 years. Let's see if the 3rd time's the charm here. More here: https://www.westword.com/news/broncos-radio-station-orange-and-blue-760-is-dead-11404147
  2. NBCU is moving their master control operations for both NBC & Telemundo NETWORK to their facility near Denver - known as Dry Creek. Telemundo originating full time in the next few weeks, NBC by next summer. Shutting down what they call "BOC" at 30 Rock. Source: I work in the building. Also, union representing the operators in New York: [MEDIA=twitter]1022189298144227328[/MEDIA] And this is the same facility their NBC & Telemundo O&Os are located.
  3. KUSA put an NBC NEWS SPECIAL REPORT on KTVD/ MyNetwork TV instead of KUSA, is this normal? KUSA is currently carrying Ellen, why wouldn't they just bump ellen for the special report? (they are running a crawl at the bottom of the screen on KUSA telling folks to tune to KTVD for the special report) KCNC, KMGH, & KDVR are overriding there regularly scheduled programing.
  4. So I was out & about this afternoon and i saw two grey Ford F-350 Trucks with satellites on the top and on the doors of the trucks it said: FOX NEWS DENVER, COLORADO D.B.A.--KDVR-TV. One had Colorado License plates & the other had Colorado temp plates, so does FOX NEWS have a bureau out here now? (I'm sorry I wasn't quick enough to get some pictures) or do they just have trucks based here?
  5. Why do you think Channel 9 has dominated the Denver market for so long? What were the ingredients to their success? We all know their news product is mediocre, and they don't do any hard news or investigative reporting. A friend of mine told me Mike Nelson left KUSA for KMGH in June 2004, and he's still at ABC7 today. ABC has been number one in the late 70s, and under KBTV in 1976, channel 9 began dominance alongside ABC. After the switch from ABC to NBC in 1995 under KUSA, NBC was number one in the late 90s, and 9NEWS and NBC were side by side in dominating the Denver market. Could it be because 9NEWS was #1 side-by-side with the then-number-one networks? Could it be because Channel 9 launched the on-air cosmetic look of red-white-and-blue, where other stations owned by Gannett (now Tegna) followed suit with the patriotic look (including WXIA, WUSA, KARE)? Could it be because 9NEWS was the first station in the Denver market to get a news helicopter called SKY9? Could it be because KUSA was the launchpad of anchors and reporters moving onto rival stations? That includes Jim Benneman and Linda Benzel of CBS4; Kevin Torres, Ron Zapollo, Nick Carter, Tom Green and Aristea Brady of CW2 and FOX31; Mike Nolan, Mike Landess, Mike Nelson and Bertha Lynn of ABC7. Despite having a piss-poor news product, what made KUSA so successful for such a long time?
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